Introducing a brand new range of wide-width curtains and sheers by KOBE!

Already for more than 40 years kobe has been well known worldwide as much for its exclusive designs and lush velvets as for its simple, elegant commercial basics. The last few years Kobe has really carved out a niche in the market with its wide assortment of easy to use wide widths that have become absolutely the essentials of window dressing. That is exactly why and how Essentials by Kobe is borne; from the success of these plains and basics which have become our bestsellers we are launching a new brand of more bestsellers. Many more essentials that will enrich your library and the future homes everywhere!

All ESSENTIALS by KOBE fabrics are wide-width, washable with minimum shrinkage, easy to use in any interior style and drapes great. These fabrics are well-known for their natural texture and feel and attractive colour ranges.

XXL Wide-Width

All ESSENTIALS curtains and sheers are wide-width. Wide-width fabrics are great for seamless sewing and requires less confection wastage. Many plains are also usable as Roman Blinds and can be turned to use both on height and width.

Easy to use

All ESSENTIALS fabrics have Easy-Care properties and matches all interior styles with a wide a range of texture and colours.

Value for money

All ESSENTIALS fabrics have very attractive prices; great value for money and luxury at an affordable price!